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life is short, but not shorter than levi


"It’s not like you to string someone along like this." He says.

The words ring loud and clear in his ears, makes him feel a twinge of something that perhaps wasn’t quite there in the left side of his chest before the kid came around.

It’s not like him to take anyone, let alone a boy like Eren, under his wing; he knows that. He doesn’t need Erwin to chastise him. He doesn’t need anyone to tell him it wasn’t fair to lead the kid on like this because the kid has a blatantly obvious crush on him. 

"So obvious it’s almost painful to watch," adds Hanji.

He hears their voices as his knee-high boots clack against the wooden flooring in the empty corridor. 

He knows that. Perhaps he only likes it - allows it - because he has never met anyone so goddamn afraid to lose him.

It makes him feel a tad special.

It’s almost ridiculous, he realizes, how much he’s attracted to the worthless brat.